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Changing of the Seasons

Here at Silver Falls State Park, we get a lot of rain – an average of 80 inches each year, actually – but very little of that falls in the summer months. The rains have returned now, though, and often have a dramatic effect on the stream flow and size of the waterfalls. In the photos below, you can see the change that can happen to South Falls in one short day – the photo on the left was taken Saturday, September 17 and the photo on the right was taken Sunday, September 18th.


The waterfalls will continue to grow in size as the autumn rains return. Another change beginning to occur is the changing of the leaves. The vine maples are just starting to turn their autumn hues of yellow, orange, and red – the most striking of which are located on the forest edges, like the one pictured below.


Fall is a great time to visit Silver Falls. Join us for one of our guided hikes (listed here under Weekly Schedules) or just to revel in the beauty of the changing of the seasons!

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