The Bygone Days

Nohlgrens South Falls Lodge Restaurant Brochure_Page_2

Can you remember the days of dining in a brand new rustic lodge restaurant with a delicious meal of “breaded veal cutlets with creamed onion gravy…”

… for only $1.10!

Recently we came across vintage pamphlets and brochures of the Silver Creek Lodge Restaurant and our beloved state park.  You can still dine in the South Falls Lodge cafe today much in the same way as when The Nohlgrens operated the restaurant starting in 1946.  Today the cafe is operated by the Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center.  The meals are still tasty the ambiance is still worth the trip but don’t hold anything ill will towards our concessionaire on your next visit – it’s hard to find an entire meal for nearly a buck these days!

What meal sounds good to you?  You can leave comments below.

Nohlgrens South Falls Lodge Restaurant Brochure_Page_11950s Silver Falls Brochure_Page_2 1950s Silver Falls Brochure_Page_1

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