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Grand Prize Winner!

Grand Prize Picture 2015

Don’t cry cute little Clementine, it’s true – YOU’RE A WINNER!

During Silver Falls’ Christmas Festival this past December, the Stevenson family took a moment and filled out a survey to let us know how the event went and entered the raffle to win a free stay in a cabin at the Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center.

…and they won the grand prize!  They shared their joy by taking a picture with one of our youngest Oregon State Park fans.

Here’s their email after they found out they had won and were asked to share a “selfie” with their prize coupon…


     So, we have finally picked a picture for the winnings!!  =)  We just had a beautiful new girl and we thought who better to represent the Stevensons!!!  So, here it is!!  Clementine says hello hehe.  Hope you are having a good day 🙂


     – The Stevensons

Check out our 2016 Special Events so you can join in on the fun too!

Spring has Sprung!

Oaks toothwort Snow Queen Snow Queen close-upOur wonderful wildflowers have returned to Silver Falls!

Pictured here are 2 of our firsts:  the oaks toothwort (large picture) and snow queen (also with a close-up).

Thanks to Friends of Silver Falls Park Interpreter, Matt Palmquist, for the great pictures with his new macro picture app – meaning there will be many more pictures to come!

The Bygone Days, Part 2

1930s Oregon State Parks Guide_Page_7

Check out this Oregon State Parks Guide from the 1930s.

Our Friends of Silver Falls Park Interpreter, Matt Palmquist, estimates this vintage gem was produced between 1939 and 1943 due the newest park listed, Azalea State Park, being added into our state park system in 1939.  Champoeg State Park was originally under the “State Board of Control” until 1943 when it officially became a part of the Oregon State Park “family.”1930s Oregon State Parks Guide_Page_21930s Oregon State Parks Guide_Page_31930s Oregon State Parks Guide_Page_41930s Oregon State Parks Guide_Page_51930s Oregon State Parks Guide_Page_6


The Bygone Days

Nohlgrens South Falls Lodge Restaurant Brochure_Page_2

Can you remember the days of dining in a brand new rustic lodge restaurant with a delicious meal of “breaded veal cutlets with creamed onion gravy…”

… for only $1.10!

Recently we came across vintage pamphlets and brochures of the Silver Creek Lodge Restaurant and our beloved state park.  You can still dine in the South Falls Lodge cafe today much in the same way as when The Nohlgrens operated the restaurant starting in 1946.  Today the cafe is operated by the Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center.  The meals are still tasty the ambiance is still worth the trip but don’t hold anything ill will towards our concessionaire on your next visit – it’s hard to find an entire meal for nearly a buck these days!

What meal sounds good to you?  You can leave comments below.

Nohlgrens South Falls Lodge Restaurant Brochure_Page_11950s Silver Falls Brochure_Page_2 1950s Silver Falls Brochure_Page_1

Fall 2015 Newsletter

FoSF Fall 2015 NewsletterFall 2015 Newsletter

Click on the links above to discover what our wonderful Friends of Silver Falls have been up to this past Fall. 

Our park wouldn’t be the special place we all love without their help – “Friends” indeed!

Capturing Silver Falls on Canvas

Peace Paintings 2016Peace, Silver Falls’ Artist-in-Residence, is back painting again!

Peace is currently working on an oil painting project for the Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center.  He’s trying to capture the concepts of “inclusion, park architecture, and the solitude & natural beauty of the non-waterfall side of the park.”

As you can see from his works of art in progress, he’s attempting to “one-up” his South Falls Lodge paintings completed last year which would be quite a feat for our beloved paintings.  2015 South Falls Lodge Paintings Post