Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Thunderous Boom!

South Falls AudienceOn a misty Wednesday morning, the fallen tree above South Falls came crashing down to the pool below.

South Falls Before (Dec 8) South Falls After (Dec 9)

Check out the before and after shots of South Falls when the tree originally fell in December.  Can you see the near side tree getting a “hair cut” by its creek side neighbor?!

The Statesman Journal also captured some shots of the action:  South Falls Tree Removal

…and the trail below South Falls is now open!

Are Beavers Really THAT Busy?

Beaver LoggingAt Silver Falls the answer is… YES!!

As you can see our resident beavers have been doing what they do best – creating wetlands.  As seen from the Nature Trail around the campground, our beavers have been making dams, gnawing young trees, and even trying their hand – er, paw – at being lumberjacks by taking down some larger red alder trees.

Fun Facts:

Beavers are one of the few mammals that alter their habitat to suit their needs. (Mammals of Washington and Oregon, Lone Pine Publishing)

You can even see a beaver dam from space!  WEBLINK

Beaver dam by wildlife blind

Vine maples Big alder downBeaver pondBeaver Branch Beaver Stump