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37th Annual Mother’s Day Birding & Wildflower Festival 2015

Mothersday Festival Flyer 2015 FINAL

Misty Mornings, Sunny Days

Misty Morning B ShelterDuring winter and spring when the Willamette Valley is foggy in the mornings , Silver Falls is often in the sunshine.  These misty mornings make the temperate rainforest feel just that much more like a rainforest!

Standing in front of the historic Volz Family Orchard (next to the B shelter today) – once just off the main street of Silver Falls City – reminds this ranger of past days gone by and made me wonder what would this small logging community have sounded like on such a misty morning.  A Spring Break picnic in this orchard may not be all that different than a picnic 100 years ago!

Misty ForestVolz Orchard Sign

Before Spring Break is Over…

Tiger LilyZach Urness of the The Statesman Journal recently featured the wildflowers of Silver Falls in his article “Four adventures for spring break


Talks & Hikes Schedule for March and April 2015

March-April 2015 Program Flyer FULL ONLINE

Wonderful Wildflowers


Spring colors are everywhere at Silver Falls!

The first picture shows a red-flowering currant next to the South Falls Lodge.  The second shows a Western trillium found on the Rim trail; the third shows roundleaf violet and snow queen on the Rim trail; and the fourth shows a Calypso orchid near the South Falls Lodge.


North Falls Featured on

North Falls March 2015Microsoft’s search engine,, is featuring our very own North Falls today on their main webpage!

Check out their amazing picture here (or click on the ranger picture to the left):

Waterfalls and Wildflowers!

Oaks Toothwort 2 Salmonberry 2 Oaks Toothwort 5 North Falls March 2015 South Falls March 2015














Waterfalls and Wildflowers – a few of our visitors’ favorite things!

Spring has come early here at Silver Falls as we set new records for visitors in February due to all the abundant sunshine.  March seems to have picked up right where February left off with our wildflowers starting to bloom.  The dark pink flower above is the salmonberry ( and the lighter purple flower is the oaks toothwort (

New Friends of Silver Falls Park Interpreter

3-16-15 Matt Palmquist Welcome [back] to Silver Falls, Matt!

Silver Falls welcomes our newest full-time staff member, Matt Palmquist.  Starting this year the Friends of Silver Falls approved funding for a newly created Park Interpreter position.  Matt takes off the “green & tan” as a seasonal OPRD ranger of 8 years and proudly dons the blue vest where he will be leading interpretive programs, coordinating field trips, assisting with Silver Falls’ many events, and much more!

The Stayton Mail: “Canyon winter experiences a spring fling”

South Falls Picture “No area destination felt the premature spring-fever discharge more than Silver Falls State Park.”

Check out Justin Much’s article on the spring-like conditions at Silver Falls State Park this winter:

– The Stayon Mail/Statesman Journal, February 25th, 2015.

Logging the Old-fashioned Way

Both Teams ReadyOld Meets New

Each year rangers identify hazard trees that need to be removed in order to keep our park safer and healthier.  This year we took the old-fashioned approach with the help of two teams of draft horses from Mill Creek Carriages of Aumsville, OR.  Even though the horses are moving logs weighing over a ton, they can maneuver around other vegetation better than an excavator.  Some trees were left for habitat while the ones pulled out by the horses will be milled to repair and build structures in not only Silver Falls State Park but other Oregon State Parks as well.

And it’s always nice to see our heritage brought back to life here at Silver Falls!

Around the Corner Pulling Down the Bike Path P1060185 P1060155 Heading uphill for Logs DSCN1474 DSCN1460 Carl Shepherd with Team